Genesi Efika MX

It is family of two devices based on Freescale i.MX515 SoC produced by Genesi.


1. Efika MX Smarttop2.Efika MX Smartbook
Nettop classNetbook class

RT3070 WiFiRT3070 WiFi
USB Ether-
-usb t.pad
-usb bt

Boot process


  1. Internal U-Boot
  2. Secondary U-Boot (currently in SPI flash, beside with first one)
  3. kernel (from network)
  4. rootfs (from USB Stick)


  1. start of Internal U-Boot; we must not to change that, since we must targeting on regular user which don't know how to use soldering tool or JTAG. But it have very useful feature for us, internal DIP-switch can select which source to use to get startup uboot_script from. (between internal SSD drive or SD card)
  2. Secondary U-Boot; We need to prepare SD card with two slices (small msdos and big ufs). Now internal loader only check msdos slices for boot script. So that msdos partition must have: 1 - boot script; 2 - secondary U-Boot; 3 - maybe script for second U-Boot; 4 - maybe ubldr (FreeBSD loader(8) with U-Boot API), FreeBSD kernel (depend on features compiled into secondary U-Boot)
  3. ubldr with U-Boot API (preferred, but not required)
  4. kernel, from second slice of SD (first if ubldr omitted)
  5. rootfs, second slice UFS (maybe ZFS), maybe even some RO FS


1.Vendor preparing firmware update, which replace Primary U-Boot with ubldr merged with U-Boot with all required options!

Who & where?

Project SVN URL: base/projects/efika_mx/
Contacts: ray@ ... (you know :) )

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