KyivBSD 2012

Huh, hate to do public talks, but think I must to do that to advertise somehow FreeBSD power and ZRouter.org project itself.

Anyway, today was a good day, and I learn a lot of small but useful and/or interesting things. Thanks to the guys who give a talks today. And thanks to all that peoples who ask interesting questions!!!


ZRouter.org : Project Summary - Ohloh

My Old blog / Мой старый блог

Ohhh! Mammy! Where is all files I wrote this week?!?!

Or: another way how to extract deleted data from big HDD.

Huh, hate to code without VCS support. Just recover several hundreds of code from 0.5T on which system currently run.

How to do that?
All that is too much complicated ways for me :) so I need another way.
- Which?
- Simple! 

Simple script:
# 500GB HDD, 488386584K
MAX=$((488386584 / 1024))

while true; do
    dd if=/dev/ad7 bs=1m count=1 skip=${i} 2> /dev/null | \
        tee ./blk.${i} | \
        grep -U 'LONG_KEY_TO_SEARCH' && \
        echo "BLK ${i} match" || rm ./blk.${i};
    i=$(( ${i} + 1 ));
    if [ $(( ${i} % 0x400 )) -eq 0 ]; then
        if [ $(( ${i} % 0x4000 )) -eq 0 ]; then
            echo ;
            echo "H{${i}}";
            echo -n ".";
    if [ ${i} -ge ${MAX} ]; then
        exit 0;
Replace LONG_KEY_TO_SEARCH with some unique string, but remember: 1. less long and unique - more false matches; 2. more long - more time to grep;
And dot forget to replace MAX with your HDD/partition size.
Good luck!

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