Newcons international keyboard input.

Newcons international keyboard input.

Sorry for dirty screen, looks like ENODUSTCLEANER :)

So how?

Q: How can I type international characters?

A: You have to have keyboard mapping with Unicode character codes (Unicode code points) instead of codes between 127 and 255. If you have it, just do:
kbdcontrol -l ua.koi8-u.shift.alt.ukbd < /dev/ttyv0

Q: Where can I get those keyboard mapping files?

A: Do it yourself.
./uakbd2ukbd.pl ua.koi8-u.shift.alt.kbd KOI8-U > ua.koi8-u.shift.alt.ukbd  
Original .kbd located in /usr/share/syscons/keymaps/.


Since, kbdcontrol have built-in suffix ".kbd", I think it would be better to not do ".ukbd" suffix in future. But files different and syscons still will be in distribution, at least some time. So we will do new folder for that, it will be  /usr/share/newcons/keymaps/.

Just for testing, you can get uakbd2ukbd.pl here:


Happy testing!!! :)

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