Want to to free your SD card? Or put u-boot.imx to the internal flash.

No problem, copy u-boot.imx into some msdosfs slice, attach it, boot up to U-Boot prompt and do that:

ide reset
fatload ide 0:1 0x91000000 u-boot.imx
sf probe
sf erase 0x00000 0x70000
sf write 0x91000000 0x400 0x60000

That one for FAT32 on first partition of internal SSD drive.

If you want to do that from usb flash stick, change ide to usb.

Every command have internal help. So if you forgot something, type
for full list
help cmd
for help about that cmd only.

Commands like sf have subcommand, so you can type
and get list and format for subcommands.

P.S. Don't forget to switch back DIP switch (boot select) See here.

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